Monocled Man

Southern Drawl is the debut album from Monocled Man, the brainchild of trumpeter, composer and producer Rory Simmons, an artist who comfortably sits at the forefront of the UK’s new wave of improvising and creative musicians. A trio consisting of Simmons on trumpet, Chris Montague on guitars and Jon Scott on drums, Monocled-Man-CoverMonocled Man are already known for their unabashed raw energy, eclectic mix of genres and tricksy yet accessible compositions. These three astute musicians enjoy careers pushing music to its limit as sidemen with many of the most celebrated contemporary British bands, and bring this wealth of experience to make the music on Southern Drawla completely unique and exciting statement, representing some of the best in what’s happening on the UK’s new music landscape.

Much of Monocled Man’s music is inspired by the contemporary explorations of the NY Downtown scene, including Tim Berne, Jim Black and Craig Taborn, with sonic influences from David Torn, Cuong Vu and The Chicago Underground Ensemble. And in London where the trio is based, influence is found in the vast output from the forward-thinking Loop Collective (Simmons is a founding member) as well as music made by Chris Batchelor, Liam Noble, Julian Argüelles and the band Troyka.

Southern Drawl lays spiraling post rock inspired riffs over soaring brass lines and saturated guitars. Hypnotic guitar loops evolve out of through-composed knotty melodic lines and polyphonic writing; rumbling free drums with loose trumpet improv bristles over the top of the energy created between Chris Montague and Jon Scott.

“Harmonically audacious phraseology and suave sound”

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